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Our Team

Paul E. Kinahan, PhD FIEEE, co-Founder
Dr. Kinahan is VP of Research and Head of the Imaging Research Laboratory and a Professor of Radiology at the University of Washington. Dr. Kinahan worked to develop the first PET/CT system at U. Penn. He has also worked with startup (UGM Medical) and large companies (Siemens, GE) in development of advanced processing methods that have been incorporated into the companies’ commercial clinical scanners.

Lawrence R. Macdonald, PhD, co-Founder
Dr. MacDonald is the originator of the PET/X concept and is an Assistant Professor of Radiology at the University of Washington. Dr. MacDonald has previously commercialized dedicated high-resolution imaging equipment with a previous startup company (preclinical SPECT/CT, LumaGEM breast imaging, LumaGEM-OR for the operating room, Gamma Medica, Inc.). He has successfully concluded 12 SBIR grant projects, including 4 Phase-II projects and has extensive experience with reimbursement and regulatory practices.

William Hunter, PhD, CEO, CSO
Dr. Hunter is a physicist with considerable experience in gamma-ray imaging detectors and application-specific medical imaging systems. He helped found Zetetic Inc, a non-profit technology-transfer company in Tucson, Arizona and served three years in the Science and Technology Division at the Institute for Defense Analyses evaluating DOD programs and industrial projects. Dr. Hunter is an alumini of the UW CoMotion entrepreneur fellowship and of the 2014 NIH I-Corps training program (http://sbir.cancer.gov/resource/icorps/).

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